Q. How can we offer that much discount?

We try to break the price barrier as Retailers/dealers account for up to 70% of the final price of a hearing aid, because they factor in a bundle of additional expensive services. And by the selling the goods directly to customers we offer the same quality goods at discounted prices by simply omitting the dealers/retailers profit margins.

Q. How can I fit the side wheel attachment on my vehicle?

This is very easy fitment which is fit by any skill mechanic by only five nut bolts. if require we wil provide the fitting diagram.

Q. How I choose vehicle for me?

If problem in any one leg than side wheel model is recommended and if need back support for sit and problem in both legs than three wheeler model is suitable.

Q. When I get my ordered goods?

After your confirmed order with in 7 -15 days we will dispatch the good and inform the transport material receipt Number and transport details. You have to collect from transport without paying any transportation charges.

Q. In which condition I will get the tricycle? Assembled or CKD?

We will supply in CKD Condition, you have to arrange the fitting at your place which will be fit easily by any cycle mechanic.

Q. How I choose tricycle for me ?

Tricycle available of two type one is one side hand driven and another is both side hand driven,asper your requirement you chose one side Left/Right or both side.