Left to Right Braille Writing / Learning & reading Device (New Braille Up writer)

NEW BRAILLE UPWRITER (product no.02222) Left to right Braille Up Writing Device (New Braille Upwriter) with the Braille English alphabets (letter Sign) & very useful Punctuation Marks. As we all know, we are using the same 19th Centaury Braille writing technique which was developed by Sir Louis Braille in 1824 A.D. But now Advance Engineering Works, Dehradun, India, has manufactured a unique device (Left to Right) Braille Writing, Reading & Learning Device that has made a breakthrough in the process of Manual Braille inscribing totally freeing it from the hitherto adopted system of mentally memorizing the mirror image of each Braille cell formed by six dots in two vertical rows of three dots in each line and inscribing it through a Guide with the help of a pin-pointed stylus working up from right to left enabling the reader to read in the normal way from left to right on the reverse surface of the sheet feeling the dots thereon. The improved device has made it possible to inscribe the Braille dots from left to right resulting in dots raised on the obverse or front surface of the sheet. It is comprised of a guide having convex or raised dots to be worked upon by means of a stylus having a grooved point to inscribe the Braille cells, completely revolutionizing the traditional practice hitherto adopted whereby a Braille line needs to be inscribed from right to left using the mirror image of the Braille cell formation. An additional adjunct has also been provided for the user by means of which the inscriber may, if he desired, follow the traditional method of right to left inscribing reversing the sheet and using a pin-pointed stylus as usual. In both the cases the Braille paper sheet is moved up and down by means of wheels at the end of a roller. The guide bears 32cells on the line. Both the equipments are similar in operation with the difference mainly in the use of the stylus, obviously one for the operation of upword inscription and the other for the traditional method or practice of hitherto practiced system. Paper movement is by means of the roller system in both the cases. New Features : Left to right Braille Writing Device (New Braille Upwriter) with Braille Alphabets (English Letter sign & very useful Punctuation Mark). Braille writing, learning and reading is now very easy with our new modification Braille Writing Device (Braille Upwriter). Now everyone can learn, write & read Braille specially newly Blind persons, Braille Learning Students, Braille Training teachers ,Sighted Braille Teachers & Professors. Paper is fed in like a Brailler, 32-Cell capacity, Accepts paper (A4) 8”.25 wide, .Includes One stylus with metal tip & one eraser in built-in holder, .Product Dimensions: 10.5″ Long x 2.125″ Wide x 1″ High. Product Weight: 200Gram.